Advanced Technology International USA P200N

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thermal paper, a 9VDC wall adaptor, for charging the printer’s batteries, and a serial cable designed to hook up to the Copicode Alpha, the TC4N, and other products. Precharging the Batteries Your printer comes with internal Ni-Cd batteries that must be charged for about 8 hours prior to the printer being used for the first time. Simply plug the 9 VDC wall adaptor into the wall and the printer power jack at the back of the printer. In general, it is a good idea to turn off the printer when no

Advanced Technology International USA M200

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A Sales: +1-800-815-6908 | Service: +1-847-329-9875 | Fax: +1-847-410-0094 Email: [email protected] | Web: M200 Series Copier Controller Product Overview Technical Specifications Warranty The M200 Series Copier Controller accepts one coin to vend one copy. That coin can be a nickel (M205), dime (M210) or quarter (M225). The M200 Series Controller's housing - similar to a tall and narrow "breadbox" - allows for easy mounting on any of its three non-faceplate sides. The M200 Series Controller runs