All-Clad 99009 6.5-Quart

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Also do not pour cold water into the hot skillet. - Remove the temperature control panel by pressing the two side levers inward while pulling the panel towards you. - To maintain the condition and performance of the electric skillet clean it thoroughly after each use.Overheating can cause brown or blue stains; while food films, if not removed, will cause the skillet to discolorewhen it is reheated. Large amounts of iron content in your water may cause your skillet to look rusty. - The skillet

All-Clad 99009

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Therefore, we would recommend that you read carefully the instructions delivered to you with your product at the time of purchase, and refer to them whenever needed. However, the following instructions will provide you with a basic guide for taking care of your All-Clad Electrics. Before using for the first time, wash in hot, soapy water with a sponge or dishcloth the non-electrical parts. Rinse in hot water and dry thoroughly. Electrical Appliances Safety: Always remove the electrical parts