AmbiCom WL250N-AR

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Root AP SSID (6): In ‘Universal Repeater’ mode, this device can act as a station to connect to a Root AP. You should assign the SSID of the Root AP here or click ‘Select Site Survey’ button to choose a Root AP. Site Survey (7): Click ‘Select Site Survey’ button, then a “Wireless Site Survey Table” will pop up. It will list all available access points near by. You can select one access point in the table and the router will join wireless LAN through this access point. After you finish all setting

AmbiCom WL250-KIT

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. 1 2 3 If the current and new passwords are correctly entered, after you click ‘Apply’, you’ll be prompted to input your new password again to login: Please use new password to enter web management interface again, and you should be able to login with new password. 2-4-3 Remote Management This router does not allow management access from Internet, to prevent possible security risks (especially when you defined a weak password, or didn’t change default password). However, you can still managemen

AmbiCom WL1100B-AR

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WEP40 – Requires wireless stations to use data encryption when communicating with the WL1100B-AR Wireless LAN Access Router. n When WEP40 is selected, type five alphanumeric characters in the range of “a-z”, “A-Z” and “0-9” (e.g. MyKey) in the WEP Key 1 entry field. Alternatively, you may enter 10 digit hexadecimal values in the range of “A-F” and “0-9”, preceded by the characters “0x” values (e.g. 0x11AA22BB33). You can also enter WEP keys in the Key 2, Key 3 and Key 4 if you wish. WEP will onl

AmbiCom Wireless LAN SD Card WL11-SD

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To learn about the utility, refer to your Windows Mobile 2003 manual. For help, tap Start .. Help. Whenever you insert the AmbiCom WL11-SD card, the driver is loaded. The driver starts with loading/initialization of the card type. After it is completed show in Figures 8 and 9 appear. You can choose the AP they want to connect to. Figures 8 Figures 9 Note: In most cases, you should choose The Internet. If your network uses a VPN/proxy server, refer to the Windows Mobile 2003 manual for instructio