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It has been further tested and Listed by Underwriters Laboratories. About This Manual Mounting your TV on the wall can seem like an overwhelming task. This handy For Dummies® guide takes you through the process step-by-step to ensure the proper installation of your mount. Before starting this project, be sure to read the entire instruction manual and watch the included installation DVD for a complete demonstration. If at any time you are unclear about the directions and believe you need further

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Final tightening of the bolts should always be done by hand, with a Phillips-head screwdriver or ratchet wrench. English English When mounting to solid concrete, bricks, or cinder block After you have determined your desired TV location, tape the Installation Template (IT) in place securely on the wall with masking tape. Use a level to double check that the screw holes line up vertically, as shown in Figure 8. Figure 8 Do not drill into mortar joints! Mortar joints are in between the bricks wher

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You will also need to leave space that you can use to mount the Monitor Arms (MA) onto the TV. Your TV may have come with a stand installed. If it did, it is okay to leave it on for now as long as it does not interfere with the monitor arm installation. If not, you need to determine the best way to hold or rest your TV safely so you can attach the monitor arms. Placing the TV face-down can damage the fragile screen or decorative frame. You may want to get a friend to assist you in holding the TV

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2Percezavec soin atraverslespoints«a»et«b»avec le foretqui convient. 3POSE SUR UN MONTANT EN BOIS : (VOIR LESINSTRUCTIONSDEPOSESURMACONNERIEDANSLEMANUEL) INSTALACION EN UN MONTANTE DE MADERA: (VEREL MANUAL DEINSTALACIONPARAINSTALACIONESDEMAMPOSTERIA) English When mounting to a wood stud Line up the Installation Template (IT) with the stud markings to ensure the proper location for your drill holes. After you have the position selected, tape the template in place securely on the wall with masking

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Do not throw out the security screws because you will need them later in the installation process. Select the location where you want to mount the TV. Clear the area of all furniture and electronics. You will need some elbow room to mount the TV. You also want to make sure that your electronic devices are unplugged, covered, and out of way because you are about to start drilling holes, and that is likely to make dust. You will also need to leave space that you can use to mount the monitor plate

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Other patents pending. TOGGLER and ALLIGATOR are worldwide registered trademarks of Mechanical Plastics Corp. NECESSARY TOOLS OUTILLAGE NECESSAIRE HERRAMIENTAS NECESARIAS ATTREZZI NECESSARI ERFORDERLICHE WERKZEUGE НВ МЫВ Э УМЕНЫ Phillips-headScrewdriverTournevisatetePhillipsDestornilladorphilips(cruz) CacciavitePhillipsKreuzschlitzschraubenzieherКрестообразнаяотверткаMaskingTapeRubandemasquageCintadeenmascararNastroadesivoAbdeckbandМаскировочнаялентаRatchetSetCleacliquetadouillesEquipodetrinquet

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Make sure that each Washer (R for M4 or M5 screws, or S for M6 or M8 screws) is placed between the Screw and the Monitor Arm. Don’t place the Washers between the Arms and the television. FIXER LES BRAS DE MONITEUR MA Fixer les deux bras de moniteur (MA) au dos du televiseur comme sur l'illustration. Veiller a bien placer une rondelle (R pour les vis M4 ou M5, S pour les vis M6 ou M8) entre chaque vis et le bras de moniteur. Ne pas placer de rondelle entre les bras et le televiseur. COMO FIJAR LO

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SELECTIONNER LA VIS CORRECTE Avant de commencer, essayer differentes vis du necessaire de visserie pour trouver la section et la longueur correctes pour le televiseur. ELIJA EL TORNILLO CORRECTO Antes de comenzar, pruebe varios tornillos de su kit de accesorios para encontrar el de tamano y longitud indicados para su televisor. SELEZIONARE LE VITI CORRETTE Prima di iniziare, cercare tra le varie viti nel kit di ferramenta quelle di dimensione e lunghezza corrette per il vostro televisore. DIE RI