Bissell VCWB300

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The Viking Built-in Full Height 30” W. wine cooler (VCWB series) is designed to meet the needs of the upscale wine connoisseur while also meeting Viking Range Corporation’s stringent product standards. The product is 30” (76.2cm) wide and 84” (213.4cm) tall. The product has adjustable leveling legs to allow the height to be adjusted from 82 1/2” TO 84 3/4” (209.6 to2120.7cm). The sealed system is located on the top of the product. The product has commercial type construction and is available wit


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note: continuous steam can be achieved by rhythmically pumpingthe trigger. tools and accessories bristle brush For stubborn messes, attach bristle brush to the underside of the unit. Remove microfiber pad. a. Locate tab on the front of the bristle block and fit into the slot on the underside of the unit. b. Snap the back of the bristle block into place. steam concentrator attachment For steam cleaning hard-to-reach places, attach the steam connector by follwing the steps above (a. b.). steam cle

Bissell STEAM SHOT 39N7

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Thanks again, from all of us at BISSELL. Mark J. Bissell Chairman, President & CEO 22 1-800-263-2535 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions should be observed, including the following: Read all instructions before using your STEAM SHOT WARNING:To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury: ¦ Do not direct steam at people, animals, or at electrical outlets ¦ Do not expose to rain ¦ Store indoors ¦ Unplug from outlet when not in use and before c

Bissell Standard And High Speed Floor Machine P201

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APPLICATIONS FOR FLOOR MACHINE (MODELS P201, P171, P201HD, P171HD and P131) 175 RPM ONLY The Powr-Flite® 175 RPM floor machine will operate in a wide variety of applications. The 175 RPM floor machine is the most versatile speed in the floor care industry. APPLICATIONS OF 175 RPM STANDARD SPEED FLOOR MACHINES ON HARD FLOORS •Spray buffing with a Powr-HD™ red spray buff pad and spray buff chemical, such as Powr-Glo®. •Dry buffing a buffable finish with a Powr-HD™ tan, beige or white pad or Powr-L


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Secure with screw Secure by placing one (1) Phillips head screw (supplied) into rear of Handle Assembly. Tighten with screwdriver until secure. 1. 2. 1. 2. Plan activities to give carpet time to dry. Remove easily moved furniture (chairs, lamps, coffee/cocktail tables, etc.) from room if needed. Vacuum carpet thoroughly. Decide where to begin — and end — your job. Clean in 3’ X 4’ sections, starting in areas farthest from exit. Plan to leave a path open to empty soiled water and refill cleaner.

Bissell PROHEAT 64D9

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Bissell PROHEAT 25A3

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Bissell PROHEAT 1425

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Unwrap vacuum flex hose completely from around unit. 1A 1B 3. Attach the tough stain brush tool to the spray trigger unit by pressing tool onto spray trigger firmly until the button lock snaps into hole. Make certain the tool is securely attached. 4. Twist the Quick Release cord wrap clockwise to unwrap the power cord completely from onboard cord storage and plug into 120 Volt grounded outlet, as described in Important 1C 1D Safety Instructions, page 3. The heat indicator light will take 30 seco

Bissell PRODRY E600

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13. Wrap flex hose around tool rack. 14. Empty collection tank and rinse out, following instructions on page 10. 15. If the ReadyTools dial becomes difficult to turn, the diverter assembly that holds the dial may need to be cleaned. To clean, flush hot water through the nozzle. Make sure the dial is set to FLOOR CLEANING. 9 800.237.7691 ug120-4080_7350_908.indd 9 10/14/08 1:25:59 PM Operation Rubber Stopper Oxy Gen2 PowerTool™ To use the Oxy Gen2 PowerTool: 1. Pull out the rubber stopper in the

Bissell PRODRY 8350

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When in the upright position, for storage or tool use, the TLR PowerRoller is lifted off the floor surface and held in space. This will also help the TLR PowerRoller dry between uses. The TLR PowerRoller can be washed or replaced as needed. Ready Tools™ Dial The Ready Tools feature allows you to choose between FLOOR CLEANING or cleaning with TOOLS simply by turning the dial. The TOOLS setting allows for above floor cleaning of upholstery, stairs, creases along baseboards and other hard to reach