Caframo Work'n Play Drying Station 7801CA-GBX

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It’s also ideal for families with small children, athletes, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Product Features Dual action - heat & air Built in boot tray with glove holders and stand Digital timer with push button control up to 8 hrs. of drying time Ice skate blade holders Ability to turn heat off (air only) 15 min. "warm-to-wear” setting Extendable drying tubes Approved to CSA and UL standards Benefits • Comfortable shoes, boots and gloves • Removes perspiration, moisture & odors

Caframo TRUE NORTH 9206

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Caframo Limited 501273 Grey Road 1, RR 2, Wiarton, Ontario, Canada, N0H 2T0 Toll Free: 1-800-567-3556 | Phone: 519-534-1080 | Fax: 519-534-1088 WARNING This Model 9206 Electric Space Heater is designed and approved for home use only. 1. This heater, like all resistance wire fan-forced convection heaters, has hot and arcing elements which can cause combustible materials and/or flammable vapors to ignite.This heater must only be used indoors in a clean and dry area free of loose combustible materi

Caframo Tiny Tornado II 827CA-TCS

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ft. of air per minute. Operates up to 24 hours on one 'D' cell battery. Adjustable tilting head Whisper quiet Easy to clean Great gift idea Anti slip rubber feet Fingersafe blade Made in Canada Soft plastic grip with suction cup base and integrated clip Patented Finger-Safe™ blade stops when touched 1 Year Warranty Tiny Tornado II Model: 827CA-UCS Also available in Blue/White colour combination. 5 Cafhamxy R.R.2 • Wiarton • Ontario • Canada • NOH 2TO • 800-567-3556 • ^vvwwvwvvvv

Caframo Low Profile Space Heater 9206CA-BBX

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Simply set the large, easy to read dials to the desired room temperature and relax. This heater will automatically maintain your room temperature without constant adjustments. Solid steel body construction Automatic thermostat to maintain preselected room temperature Anti-Freeze setting - Heater automatically comes on at 38° F( 3°C) All metal housing Total climate control with three heat and two fan settings Ultra-quiet operation Eye-catching 4 color packaging CSA approved to US and Canad

Caframo EZ PowerPak 902BP-8D

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For use with fans,GPS,VHF, cell phone, fish finder or any other 12 volt product drawing up to 3 amps. An excellent idea for fisherman, outdoorsmen and emergency preparedness. Holds 8 "D" cell batteries. The Marine Model 902BP-8Dis waterproof, with a built-in battery tester and shoulder strap. Made in Canada. 5 Cafhcuncp R.R.2 • Wiarton • Ontario • Canada • NOH 2TO • 800-567-3556 • www.caframo.com

Caframo EZ PowerPak 902

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Just load it with 8 “D”cell batteries and store it until it’s needed. The EZ PowerPak can be used to power a multitude of accessories under 3 amps without depending on the boats main power system - fans, portable lights, kid’s video games or a fishfinder. In an emergency you can use it to power up a GPS, VHF or charge a cell phone. The comfortable shoulder strap makes it truly portable. Product Features: 1 Waterproof Built in battery tester shows when voltage is above 10 Volt, between 8 and

Caframo Exhaust Fan 967

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There are however a few simple things that you can do to enhance the life of your fan. 1. Keep the air vents clear and free of dirt. These vents are necessary to keep the motor cool while in use. Unplug the fan, and use a vacuum to remove any dirt from the vents. 2. Replace the fan blade should it become damaged. TO REPLACE A DAMAGED FAN BLADE 1. Holding the body of the fan in one hand, grasp the damaged blade in your other hand, and pull the blade off the motor shaft. 2. Firmly grasp the n

Caframo Ecofan GS 806GS-KBX

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This will cause the unit to slow down to protect itself. If this happens, simply move the Ecofan®GS to a cooler spot on the stove top and the overheat protector will reset automatically. Figure 2 Figure 3 Warranty Registration To register online please visit or complete the form below, detach and mail to: Caframo Limited, 501273 Grey Road 1, RR 2, Wiarton, Ontario, Canada, N0H 2T0 *Product:_____________________ *Date Purchased:__________________________ *Model Number:_______________ *Serial Numb

Caframo Chinook

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Caframo Camano 743CA-WBX

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