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. The welder control panel contains information regarding proper input 3 Operating Instructions GTAW Arc Welding Torch voltage and amperage. Follow the specifications on the welder front panel. . The receptacle used for the welder must be properly grounded and the welder must be the only load on the power supply circuit. The Components of TIG Welding (not included with your WT6100 TIG torch) are: 1. A constant current power supply such as the Arcitech 110 inverter technology arc welder. 2. A bot

Campbell Hausfeld WT6000

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• Install and secure cylinders in an upright position by chaining them to stationary support or equipment cylinder rack to prevent falling or tipping. • Never allow a welding electrode to touch any cylinder. • Turn face away from valve outlet when opening cylinder valve. • Keep protective cap in place over valve except when cylinder is in use or connected for use. • Read and follow instructions on compressed gas cylinders, associated equipment, and CGA publication P-1. ! DANGER Never use flammab

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Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the fitting. (See Figures 3 and 4.) Lighting Instructions 1. Be sure gas valve on torch is closed tightly — turn tight clockwise (see Figure 5). 2. Open valve on propane cylinder and check all components for leaks (use soapy water or leak test solution). DO NOT operate if ! WARNING any leaks are present. A leak may create a fire hazard. Models WT4500 Modelos WT4500 Notes Notas 2 11 Propane Torch Kit Juego de soplete Notes Notas Figure 3 - Hand tightening cylin

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Notes Notas Protect yourself and others by observing and/or property damage! Retain instructions for future BUILT TO LAST Propane Torch Kit QUALITYASSURANCEPROGRAM Need Assistance? Call Us First! Description This Campbell Hausfeld propane torch is a versatile tool with many Turbo TriggerNozzle Torch Handle Fitting applications from stump burning to Torch Handle cattle branding. With it, you can Handle FittingGas Control Valve • Kill unwanted weeds and grass without using expensive and toxic chem

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Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information. Failure to comply with instructions could result in personal injury and/or Notes property damage! Retain instructions for future reference. Notas BUILT TO LAST Aluminum Welding Kit Description Model WT2531 is an aluminum welding kit designed for use on Campbell Hausfeld wire feed MIG welders (WG206X and WG208X series). This kit includes: Teflon ® wire liner (Part Number: WC403621AV) , smooth-groove drive roller (Part Number: WC5008

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When the speed is to slow, the weld metal piles up and the bead is high and wide. SlAG ReMOVAl Wear ANSI approved safety glasses (ANSI Standard Z87.1) and protective clothing when removing slag. Hot, flying debris can cause personal injury to anyone in the area. After completing the weld, wait for the welded sections to cool. A protective coating called slag now covers the weld bead which prevents contaminants in the air from reacting with the molten metal. Once the weld cools to the point that

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Electrodes used for shielded metal arc welding have two parts. The inner core is a metal rod or wire that should be similar in composition to the base metal. The outer coating is called flux. Various types of flux exist. Each coating is used for a particular welding situation. While the metal is molten, it can be contaminated by elements in the air. This contamination could weaken the weld. The flux coating creates a protective barrier called slag that protects the molten metal from contaminants

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High humidity causes moisture condensation on electrical components. Moisture can contribute to corrosion and short electrical components. Dust and dirt in the welder retain moisture and increase wear of moving parts. Place the welder in an area that provides at least twelve inches (305 mm.) of ventilation space at both the front and rear of the unit. Keep all obstructions away from this ventilation space. Store electrodes in a clean, dry location with low humidity, such as WT2240 Electrode Co

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Other positions require different techniques such as a weaving pass, circular pass, and jogging. A higher skill level is required to complete these welds. All work should be performed in the flat position if possible. For specific applications, consult an arc welding handbook. WELD PASSES Sometimes more then one pass is necessary to fill the joint. The root pass is first, followed by filler passes and the cover pass (See Figure 11). If the pieces are thick, it may be necessary to bevel the edges

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These welders are equipped with infinite amperage control to accurately select the proper current needed for various welding conditions. Internal components are thermostatically protected. This welder can weld up to 1/8” steel in a single pass. Recommended electrode size is 1/16” diameter for 15 amp circuits, up to 5/64” diameter for 20 amp circuits. For replacement electrodes, call (800) 746-5641 for the nearest dealer. Unpacking When unpacking, inspect carefully for any damage that may have oc