Case Logic CS2000M

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Please Note: This product is best used if the line of sight is clear. Make sure the TV transmitter is in clear view and not tucked away in a cabinet or blocked in any way. Package Contains: I transmitter & AC adapter, I headset receiver. 7 audio jacks, external microphone and user manual. ClearSounds“ Hear how good life can be Maximum Amplification Controls Background Noise 1.800.965.9043 8160 S. Madison Street, Burr Ridge, IL 60527 ©2008, ClearSounds Communications, Inc. All rights res

Case Logic CLA7V2

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The CLA7v2 generates an induction (loop) signal that is picked up by the telecoil of your hearing aid(s) (this option is activated by setting the hearing aid(s) to the “T” or “MT” position). The CLA7v2 with its enhanced connectivity cable options is now compatible with most audio producing devices. For your cellular phone (you may need to purchase an adapter connector if your cellular phone is not equipped with a built-in 2.5 mm jack). If your cell store does not know about adapters, tell them t