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The value and times provided in this table have been obtained under laboratory conditions according to relevant standards. This information can change depending on the condition of the dishwasher’s use and environment (network tension, water pressure, water input temperature and environment temperature.) Care and Maintenance Before beginning any care or maintenance, you should always disconnect the appliance from the electricity supply, and also turn off the water supply. Door seals Wipe the dis


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User instructions 24 5. Cleaning and maintenance Before carrying out any work, always unplug the appliance from the electrical supply or switch off the all-pole disconnection device. 5.1 General warnings and recommendations Avoid the use of acidic or abrasive detergents. Clean the outer surfaces and door-lining of the dishwasher regularly using a soft cloth moistened with water or with a normal detergent suitable for painted surfaces. Clean the door gaskets with a damp sponge. Periodically (once


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The softener system is designed to remove the ions that make the water hard to provide the best quality wash performance. This is achieved by using dishwasher salt. To add dishwasher salt, follow the steps below: 1. Remove the lower dishwasher basket and then unscrew the salt compartment cap. 2. Fill the compartment with dishwasher salt (do not use table salt), carefully to prevent unnecessary spillage. Before first use, you should fill the compartment with 2kg of dishwasher salt and then fill u


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Power button Programme selection button Delay timer button Indicator lights1 2 3 Starting a programme • PressthePowerbutton. • Press the Programme Selection button until the required programme light is illuminated. • If required, press the Delay Timer button. • Oncethepowerisswitchedon,theendofProgrammeIndicatorlightwillswitchon. • Onceaprogrammeisselected,theendofProgrammeIndicatorlightwillswitchoff,andtheProgrammeIndicatorlight will switch on. • Whenyouclosethedishwasherdoortheprogrammewillsta


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• Harby Road • Langar • Nottinghamshire • NG13 9HY T : 01949 862 012 F : 01949 862 003 E : [email protected] W : Mains Electricity Connection CONTACT A QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN TO CARRY OUT THE APPLIANCE ELECTRICAL CONNECTION. Important : Before connecting the drawer to the domestic power supply to check its operation, always make sure the drawer power cable is correctly fitted and NOT squashed or caught under or behind the drawer or a combined appliance. Important : Power cable replacement must be mad


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8b). – Hold the door as shown in fig. 8. – Gently close the door (fig. 8c) until left and right hinge levers A are hooked to part B of the door (fig. 8b). – Withdraw the hinge hooks from their location following arrow C (fig. 8d). – Rest the door on a soft surface. – To replace the door, repeat the above steps in reverse order. BAFig. 8b Fig. 8a A B CFig. 8 Fig. 8d Fig. 8c C 19 Oven Door - Removable Inner Pane of Glass Cleaning the Panes of Glass The oven door is fitted with no. 2 panes: - no. 1


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The padlock on the display is flashing Door lock system fault Call CDA Customer Care The oven light is not working Light fault Replace the bulb The pyrolysis programmes do not start The door is not properly closed Close the door completely Door lock system fault Call CDA Customer Care The oven starts beeping during cooking The oven is at the required temperature The oven starts beeping at the end of the cooking programme The programme has finished Error Code Fault F01 Temperature sensor error F0


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The shelf should be on the lowest shelf support setting. This function is recommended for quiches, fruit tarts etc to cook the crust thoroughly. This function is also recommended for dishes that rise (e.g. cakes and souffles) where a crust on the top is not required. 4. Half Grill – preset 230. (range available 100-275.) Recommended shelf level 2 or 3 This function radiates the heat from the grill element. The fully temperature variable grill in the half grill function is ideal for small amounts


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This microwave is equipped with four different defrost programmes, as detailed in the table. Programme number Type of food to defrost Weight options available d01 Any other food or weight not available in programmes d02-d04. This programme requires that you set the required defrosting time and runs at 200W. n/a d02 Meat, poultry, fish and vegetables 100-2000g d03 Bread 100-500g d04 Pre-cooked foods 100-2000g Please note Foods with a weight over 350g should be turned halfway through defrosting. T