Classic Crafts Door

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WHAT THE LIMITED WARRANTY COVERS AND FOR HOW LONG a) PRODUCT DEFINITION: THERMA-TRU® DOOR SYSTEM (“Product”) consists of a Therma-Tru® fiberglass or steel door slab(s) named above and the following parts when they are genuine Therma-Tru® components: sidelites, any applied or inserted panels, dentil shelf, divider bars on doors and sidelites, glass lite inserts with Therma-Tru® logo glass temper blaze, wood grilles, hinges, weather-stripping, door bottom gaskets (sweep), rain deflector, rain guar

Classic Crafts Cimarron

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This manual has been compiled to help you assemble your boat correctly and operate it safely. It contains specific details of the boat, including its parts and equipment, and information on its safe operation, proper care, maintenance and repair. Please read it carefully, and familiarize yourself with your boat before using it. If this is your first pontoon boat, or if you are changing to this type of boat for the first time, for your own comfort and safety, please ensure that you obtain handlin