Datacard Group RP90

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If this does not correct the condition, power the printer off, and then back on before calling for service. OFF Normal status Keys: Reset Initializes the printer. Use the Reset key after loading supplies, to end Power Saving, or after an error occurs. Menu Press MENU to access the printer settings. Continue to press the MENU key to access the settings in the order listed in “Using the Printer LCD panel” on page 36. Enter Confirms the user selection. Arrow Keys Use the up and down arrow keys to s

Datacard Group RL90

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See “Safety” on page vi for the basic safety tips to ensure safe operation and maintenance of this equipment. Regulatory compliance These Datacard Group products conform to regulatory requirements as specified in North America, Europe, and Asia. See ““Regulatory compliance” on page 82 for more information. Trademark acknowledgments Datacard and ID Works are registered trademarks of DataCard Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft, Windows and Windows Vista are register