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Analog RGB 0.7 Vp-p/75. Analog RGB 0.7 Vp-p/75. Sync: Separate Separate Separate Display Data Channel Compatibility DDC 2B DDC 2B DDC 2B Keyboard Keys 88 key keyboard & 17 key numeric keypad Travel 3mm / 0.11” Typing force 60g ± 20g / 2.11oz ± 0.70oz Life cycle 10 million key presses Touchpad Compatibility Industrial standard Mouse button Two key buttons Life cycle >1 million cycles Operations User Controls: On/Off Power Button Contrast, Brightness, Display Quality, OSD adjustment On Screen Disp


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Press F4 to deactivate scanning: Tuning – F5 You can tune the image of any remote computer screen from the Select Computer window. To adjust the screen image: Navigate to the remote computer you wish to adjust. Press F5 . The screen image of the selected computer appears, together with the Image Tuning label. Adjust the image by using the Right and Left Arrow keys, when the image is satisfactory, press Esc . Note! Picture quality is relative to distance. The further away a remote computer is fro