Digi TS1 W MEI

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in the United States and other countries worldwide. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Connect serial device Connect Ethernet cable Connect power supply Insert CD Follow wizard Disconnect power supply Disconnect Ethernet cable Re-connect power supply PortServer TS1 W MEI shown What you will need Software & Documentation Software & Documentation If you have a UNIX system and it does not use an auto-mounter, you will need to manually mount the CD. See the back of thi

Digi MIL-170TRM

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A Install Guide About this Manual This document covers the MIL-170TRM media converter module. The terms “MIL-170,” MIL-170TRM,” and “converter” are used throughout this document to describe the MIL-170TRM. Introduction The MIL-170TRM is one of a series of modules designed to be installed into Digi's Media Conversion System. This half-/full-duplex device converts optical signals to electrical and vice-versa. The device has a signal capability of transmitting up to 15 km (subject to fiber budget a

Digi MIL-120A

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D Install Guide Installation Do the following to install the MIL-120A: 1. Attach a UTP cable from the network to the MIL-120A's RJ-45 port 2. Attach a T-type BNC connector from the network cabling to the BNC connector 3. Connect the power adapter's cord from the power source to the unit Note: Use shielded twisted pair (CAT 5) cabling for CISPR 22 B installation. Link Test The MIL-120A provides a Link test function, which is a 10BASE-T standard. The MIL-120A ships with the Link function test “ena

Digi DIGI M10

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Preparing derivative works or providing instruction based on this manual without written permission from Digi International is prohibited. All information in this manual is accurate and reliable to the best of Digi International's knowledge. Digi International may make improvements and / or changes in this manual at any time without prior notice. Trademarks The Digi m10 is a registered trademark of Digi International Inc. All other company and / or product names mentioned in this manual are the

Digi DIGI EIA-422

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Set the TERMINATION (422 ONLY) switch to the down position. This switch connects a 120 ohm, 1/2 watt resistor across the input signals. EtherLite 2 EIA-422 ports are hard-wired to EIA-422 mode, and have no termination installed. Pinouts are shown in the table below. Note: 2-wire multidrop configuration for EIA-422 is not supported. EIA-422 Pinouts Signal RJ-45 Pin Direction RTS* 1 RxD(-) 2 input(-) DCD* 3 RxD(+) 4 input(+) TxD(+) 5 output(+) SG 6 TxD(-) 7 output(-) CTS* 8 *EIA-232 signals on Eth