EdgeStar Wine Cooler TWR325ESS

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• Insert the screws into the holes. They should now poke out of the front of the door. • Line up the holes in the handle with the screws and give each screw about 2-4 full turns into the handle. • Now screw the screws in all the way, and your handle is installed! After you get the handle(s) installed, make sure that your wine cooler is fully unpacked, and position it into your preferred location (remember, for the best conditions for your wine, choose a spot in a cool (room temperature) area, aw

EdgeStar Wine Cooler TWR320EBL

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If food is placed inside, ensure that there is sufficient airflow between items. Also note that the temperature range for this cooler is optimized for wine and beverage storage. Perishable food items may require a different storage environment. • Do not place hot food or drinks into the wine cooler before they cool down to room temperature. • Please close the cooler door immediately after putting in or taking out wine in order to prevent inside temperature from dramatically changing. • Avoid sub

EdgeStar Wine Cooler TWR215ESS

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Parts and Features 1. LIGHT 2. FAN GRATE 3. SHELF 4. FOOT 5. HINGE 6.TEMPERATURE DISPLAY 7. TEMPERATURE CONTROLS 8. DOOR FRAME 9.DOOR GLASS 10.HANDLE Note: The above diagram is for reference only- your specific model of wine cooler will likely differ slightly from the diagram above (in light placement, bottle capacity, etc,) but its operation will be essentially the same. 3. Operation The Temperature Control Your wine cooler uses a digital control to adjust the thermostat- Adjust the temperature

EdgeStar Wine Cooler TWR210EBL

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Let any hot foods or drinks cool before placing them inside the cooler. 5. Troubleshooting Your EdgeStar wine cooler is a thermoelectric refrigeration unit that uses “green” thermoelectric cooling to store your wine under ideal conditions. What are the benefits of thermoelectric cooling? • Low energy usage • No vibration • Cools with little noise- the only noise produced is by the fans used to dissipate heat. What are some of its limitations? • Cooling takes longer than with equivalent compresso

EdgeStar Wine Cooler TWR125SS

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Parts and Features 3 3. Operation 3 4. Troubleshooting 5 5. Limited Warranty 8 Thank you and Intro Thank you for purchasing this EdgeStar wine cooler. Once you get this unit set up, it will provide you and your family with years of great service. If you are reading this owner’s manual, you’ve probably already unpacked the unit. Note that you should save the packaging in case you need to safely transport this wine cooler in the future. In order to assemble this wine cooler, carefully unpack all p

EdgeStar Vault

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WALL / CEILING AMETRIX™ Vault SMALL Extruded aluminum housing Die-cast aluminum end caps Integrated visor option -solid, perf or opal window Die-formed 94% reflective dual-finish anodized aluminum reflector Gasketed hinging doorframe - indoor toolless entry, outdoor -fasteners required PointGrab™ adjustment COOPER LIGHTING Remote (Consult factory for outdoor mounting) - See Lamp Chart - Integral -11-1/2” [292mm] See Lamp Chart LAMP CHART - Remote LAMP CHART - Integral SOURCE W

EdgeStar Upright Freezer

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Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. This appliance is designed for indoor use only, in a room temperature environment. INSTALLATION AND OPERATION Place your appliance in a location that is strong enough to support its total weight, keeping in mind that it will weigh substantially more when fully loaded than when empty. In order to prevent vibration and noise, the freezer should be leveled by adjusting the front leveling legs. Please note that t

EdgeStar TWR80ES

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On some models, the hinges can be reversed, to swing open from the right. To reverse the hinges, you need a flat head screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver. Please call service for further instructions about reversing the door swing. Note: dual door models do not feature reversible doors. Caution: If you do not feel comfortable reversing the hinges yourself, have a qualified person do it for you. Door Lock (not standard on all models) Some models of wine cooler have a factory installed loc

EdgeStar TWR481

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• An empty cooler can be dangerous for children. If disposing of the cooler remove gaskets, latches, lids and the entire door from your unused appliance, or take other action to ensure that children cannot become trapped inside. • If your model of wine cooler is equipped with a lock, take care to keep the keys away from children. • Do not cut or remove the third prong (the grounding prong) from the power cord. • The cord should be secured behind the unit and should not be left exposed or danglin

EdgeStar TWR282S

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In addition to energy efficiency, and the previously-mentioned environmental-friendliness, thermoelectric cooling is very quiet, making it ideal for homes and offices. While thermoelectric cooling offers many benefits, the cooling performance of thermoelectric units tends to strongly correlate to the environment in which the units are located. In other words- the cooler the environment, the better the cooling perfromance of the wine cooler. In light of the above, it is helpful to note that thi