Elinca BX 400

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Select the power with the touch pad (15). The modelling light output (100%) is achieved when the power value is set to maximum. Proportional modelling lamp, is set when the position "PROP" is selected (led is illuminated), the light output is proportional to the selected flash power. For all types of Style BX compact flash units use only 250 W MAX. lamps Modelling lamps and fuse for 90/140V Unit Modelling lamp Code Socket Fuse Code Style 100BX 150W halostar 23019 E27 4AF 19035 Style 400BX 150W h

Elinca BX 100

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The listed values are guide values which may vary due to tolerances in components used. Introduction The Elinchrom Style BX is manufactured by Elinca S.A. CH -1020 Renens/Switzerland Dear Photographer, Thank you for buying your Style BX compact flash unit. All Elinchrom products are manufactured using the most advanced technology. Carefully selected components are used to ensure the highest quality and the equipment is submitted to many controls both during and after manufacture. We trust that i