Emerson XMT-P-FF/FI

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ESSENTIAL INSTRUCTIONS READ THIS PAGE BEFORE PROCEEDING! Your purchase from Rosemount Analytical, Inc. has resulted in one of the finest instruments available for your particular application. These instruments have been designed, and tested to meet many national and international standards. Experience indicates that its performance is directly related to the quality of the installation and knowledge of the user in operating and maintaining the instrument. To ensure their continued operation to t

Emerson WORLD CLASS 3000

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Install all protective equipment coversand safety ground leads after setup. Failure to replace covers and groundleads could result in serious injury or death. Models 218, 225, and 132 (Analog) Electronics refer to paragraph 3-2. Model 218A Electronics refer to paragraph 3-3. MODEL TC200 Electronics refer to paragraph 3-4. Model 132 Digital Electronicsrefer to paragraph 3-5. 3-2 MODELS 218, 225, AND 132 (ANALOG) ELECTRONICS SETUP Before beginning operation, it is important that the probe heater s

Emerson W154

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Limited 5-year warranty against tank leakage. * The complete InSinkErator warranty is included in the Care & Use booklet packed with each unit. Tank Construction Bronze Tank Volume W152 / 2.5 gallons W154 / 4 gallons Voltage 120 volts Heating Capacity 1500 watts Element Type Replaceable f Copper/Bronze Temperature Range 110°F - 170°F Operating Pressure 150 psi (max.) Thermostat Type Resettable First Hour Rating W152 / 8.6 gallons (80°F Rise) W154 / 10.4 gallons Water Connections 1/2"

Emerson W152

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Save money. Point-of-Use Water Heaters Model W152 / W154 Economical, electric storage water heaters that fit almost anywhere Submittal Sheet Specifications Dimensions 13.5" Job Specifications • Bronze, long-life storage tank. Nothing to corrode or wear out. • Screw-in copper heating element can be easily replaced. • Tank is insulated with expanded polystyrene, then jacketed in steel for maximum heat retention, minimum standby heat loss. • Super fast recovery rate for better service

Emerson UWL

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Make sure that all electrical wiring and connections conform to local codes. A standard 120-volt grounded electrical outlet is required under the sink for the faucet’s electrical power. The wall outlet powering the tank must have electrical power supplied to it continuously. This outlet must be fused and should not be controlled by the same wall switch that operates a food waste disposer, unless you have a SinkTop Switch™ from InSinkErator®. It is recommended that a dedicated control valve

Emerson UW

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Check with a qualified electrician or serviceman if you are in doubt as to whether the instant hot water dispenser is properly grounded. Personal Injury: This tank is a non-pressurized tank. DO NOT modify this system. DO NOT close vent tube or connect other type faucet or valves to the tank. Use only the InSinkErator faucet supplied. Use only parts provided. Contact an authorized InSinkErator Service agent for repairs or replacement components. Fire Hazard: To minimize possibility of fire, DO NO

Emerson TURBO HD7003

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Emerson TRANSMITTER 3700

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b. Connect the four wires from the core processor to the appropriate terminals on the transmitter. See Table 3 and Figure 13 (standard core processor) or Figure 14 (enhanced core processor). No bare wires should remain exposed. Do not ground the shield or drain wire(s) at the transmitter. Table 3. Transmitter terminals for 4-wire cable Terminal Wire color(1) Function 13 Red VDC+ 14 Black VDC– 15 White RS-485A 16 Green RS-485B (1) Wire colors apply only to 4-wire cable supplied by Micro Motion. 1

Emerson TRANSMITTER 3350

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For information on I.S. applications, refer to Micro Motion approval documentation. For complete instructions about configuration, maintenance, and service, refer to the instruction manual shipped with the transmitter. WARNING Improper installation in a hazardous area can cause an explosion. For information about hazardous applications, refer to Micro Motion approval documentation, shipped with the transmitter or available from the Micro Motion web site. WARNING Hazardous voltage can cause sever

Emerson TranScape H-View-SS

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94HF-1 flammabiltiy specification Valve Instant, self-closing Recommended Supply Pressure 30-125 psi Shipping Weight Approximately 8.5 lbs. Required Hole Diameter 1-1/2" standard sinkhole 6 Water Filtration System Available Job Specifications HWD312-08B-45-02 Dm 1-800-558-5700 Printed in USA EMERSON. Appliance Solutions The Emerson logo Is a trademark and service mark of Emerson Electric Co. InSinkErator may make improvements and/or changes in the specifications at any time, in it