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Government Federal law prohibits removal of this label before consumer purchase. Clothes Washer Capacity: Standard LG Electronics Inc. Model WM268#H*** Estimated Yearly Operating Cost (when used with an electric water heater) $14 T $10 1-1-г Cost Range of Similar Models $71 130 Estimated Yearly Electricity Use $10 Estimated Yearly Operating Cost (when used with an natural gas water neater) Your cost will depend on your utility rates and use. 1 Cost range based only on standard

Energy Tech Laboratories VEC1029FPOB

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THIS MANUAL CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE OPERATION AND WARRANTY OF THIS PRODUCT. PLEASE RETAIN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. 4140 S.W. 30th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312 Toll Free: (800) 544-6986 VEC1029FPOB_ManualEN_101606 10/16/06 5:17 PM Page 1 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNINGS TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, EXPLOSION OR INJURY: • This equipment employs components that tend to produce arcs or sparks. DONOT install in compartments containing batteries or flammable ma

Energy Tech Laboratories SS120

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Example: For an energy consumption of 21,500 MJ per year and a natural gas tariff of 2.1 cents per MJ ($0.021/MJ), the lifetime running cost is: 21,500 x $0.021 x 12 = $5,418 The labels can also be used to estimate the lifetime greenhouse gas emissions. For each MJ of gas consumed, around 0.06 kg of carbon dioxide is emitted, so for the example above the greenhouse gas emissions are: 21,500 x 0.06 x 12 = 15,480 kg or 15.48 tonnes The actual running costs and greenhouse gas emissions will depend

Energy Tech Laboratories Riello 40 Series

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C. CLEANTHE FIREBOX. 1. Usingwireorfibrebristlebrush,cleancrown of boiler and inside of water legs. DO NOT allow brush to strike target wall or blanket in the combustion chamber. D. AFTER CLEANING, remove protective cloth with debrisand vacuum as necessary, but becareful not to damage blanket. Inspect target wall, combustion chamber blanket and burner mounting plate insulation for signs ofdamage. If damaged, replaceas needed. E. REASSEMBLE BOILER. CAUTION: Do not startthe burnerunless canopy, sm

Energy Tech Laboratories POOL & SPA 8320

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• Is the Heat Light or Heat Demand lamp ON? If not, then the thermostat setting is not higher than the temperature of the water. Raise the thermostat setting. NOTE: The heat pump pool heater will not run when the Remote position is selected on the Pool/Spa selector switch and there is no remote control system attached. C. CONDENSATION SEEMS EXCESSIVE Heat pump pool heaters can produce a large amount of condensation (water) during operation. If you suspect that the unit is leaking: a. Use a pool

Energy Tech Laboratories POOL & SPA 6310

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NOTE: The instructions in this manual are for the use of qualified individuals specially trained and experienced in the installation and maintenance of this type of equipment and related system components. Installation and service personnel are required by some states to be licensed. Persons not qualified shall not attempt to install, service, or maintain this equipment. This manual should be maintained in legible condition and kept adjacent to the heat pump pool heater or in a safe place for fu

Energy Tech Laboratories POOL & SPA 5310

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Refrigerant Low Pressure Control: Stops the com- pressor if refrigerant suction (low side) pressure falls too low as a result of a malfunction, loss of charge or extreme cold conditions. Indicator Lamps: There are 6 indicator lamps located on the unit control panel (see Fig. 3 below): • Power (amber lamp): When lit, indicates power is applied to the unit. • Water Flow (green lamp): When lit, indicates nor- mal water flow. • Heat Demand (green lamp): When lit, indicates the actual water temperatu

Energy Tech Laboratories New Yorker F5

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Refer to Table 9 for proper nozzle size, air settings and fuel pump pressure setting based on desired firing rate. If the desired firing rate is the lower GPH: a. replace the factory installed high firing rate nozzle with one of the loose lower firing rate nozzles. b. replace the factory installed head positioning bar with the corresponding head bar that matches the lower GPH nozzle installed, see Table 9. c. change the factory air settings according to Table 9 and, d. check the oil pump pressur

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has determined that the CL3-091, CL3-105, CL4-126 and CL5-168 water boilers meet the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for Energy efficiency established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For service or repairs to boiler, call your heating contractor. When seeking information on boiler, provide Boiler Model Number and Serial Number as shown on Rating Label. Boiler Model Number CL Boiler Serial Number Installation Date Heating Contractor Phone Number Address 100825-01R5-10/08 Price

Energy Tech Laboratories New Yorker CL Series

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i. Assure that all system radiators, piping and vents are absolutely leak tight. • When a steam boiler is installed in an existing system, ALL air vents should be replaced at the same time. This assures that the new boiler will not be compromised by existing system leaks. • If the system contains hidden supply or return piping (hidden behind walls, buried in concrete, etc.) pressure test this piping to assure there are no leaks. ii. Repair any leaks in the system. iii. Install accurate water met