GateWay Fax Systems Easy-Fax 90si

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.com GWFS 90si Reference Guide GateWay Fax Systems, Inc., 1-877-951-9800 page 2/13 CONTENTS 1.0 Configuring your STU-III for the 90si 3 1.1 AT&T Security Plus 3 1.2 AT&T, Lucent and General Dynamics 1100 (*1) 4 1.3 AT&T, Lucent, General Dynamics 1900 SDD (*1) 5 1.4 GE/RCA 2400 6 1.5 GE 9600 7 1.6 Motorola SECTEL 1000/1500 8 1.7 Motorola SECTEL MMT 1500 9 1.8 L-3 Communications STE 10 2.0 90si Status LED's 11 2.1 Power-up 11 2.2 Communications Errors 11 2.3 System Errors 11 2.4 Contact GFS Custom

GateWay Fax Systems 90SI

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Model 90si Secure Fax Gateway User's Guide 90si Quick Reference Guide Your 90si comes from the factory set for the Secure Only mode, whereby the commercial (COTS) fax connects to the 90si’s FAX jack (the other two phone jacks remain empty) and the 90si’s RS-232 Data cable connects to the Secure Data port of your crypto device. In this configuration the COTS fax can only be used for classified transactions with the crypto in Secure Data Mode. Connecting the COTS fax, 90si and Crypto This diagram