Halfords HP 1400

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If you have any problems with this unit that cannot be rectified by using the troubleshooting section on page 9, please call our customer careline on 0845 601 7834. Adobe Systems Adobe Systems Thank you for purchasing this product, which has passed our extensive quality assurance process. Every care has been taken to ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition. However, in the unlikely event that you should experience a problem, or if we can offer any assistance or advice, please do not hesi

Halfords Bike Rack

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Before you begin: • Under no circumstances should this carrier be fitted to your car unless the exact settings specified in the enclosed vehicle application not be fitted to any vehicle not listed. If in any doubt ask in • Due to the construction of boot lids we recommend only two cycles cars with this carrier • Make sure all parts are included in the package. • Ensure that the vehicle boot lid/rear bumper are free from dirt and grime. REFER TO THE SEPARATE APPLICATION GUIDE TO DETERMINE THE COR

Halfords Bicycle Accessories

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Please read this manual and instructions fully before assembly and use. Please keep this manual for future reference. If you sell or give this product to someone else, please include this Owner’s Manual, and ask the new owner to read the instructions thoroughly before using. WARNING Your trailer is designed for the safe, passive transportation of one child between 12 months and 6 years of age and weighing no more than 22kg (48lbs). It designed only for attachment to an adult pedal cycle and for

Halfords 151640

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RESET OPERATION (AVG=0, DST=0, TM=0, MAX=0) 2. 4. 1. 3. BIKE 1, BIKE 2 SELECTION 2nd 1st Tire Size Circumference Nunber 18 Inch 1436 mm 20x1.75 1564 20 Inch 1596 22 Inch 1759 ATB 24x1.75 1888 24 Inch 1916 24x 13/8 1942 ATB 26x1.40 1995 ATB 26x1.50 2030 ATB 26x1.75 2045 26Inch (650A) 2073 ATB26x2.0(650B) 2099 mm 700C TUBULAR 2117 700x20C 2092 700x25C 2124 700x28C 2136 27 Inch(700x32c) 2155 700x35C 2164 700x38C 2174 27.5 Inch 2193 28 Inch (700B) 2234 28.6 Inch 2281 ODO1 (ODO 2) T-TM T-ODO CLOCK AV