HandHeld Entertainment Dolphin 9500

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To reposition, lift up gently and reapply. 4. Apply the touch panel protector to your device by sliding the enclosed squeegee across the surface as you peel away the backing. Use the squeegee as necessary to smooth out any air pockets or bumps. Dolphin® 9500 Mobile Computer Screen Protector Instructions 95-ScrnSht Rev A Usage Guidelines Hand Held Products defines proper use of the terminal touch panel as using a screen protector and proper stylus. Screen protectors maintain the ongoing in

HandHeld Entertainment Dolphin 7850

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Front Panel 3.5” 1/4 VGA Touch Panel Display Decode LED Scan LED I/O Connector Side Panel Scan Tr igger Angled Displa y IrD A P o r t Beeper Rub ber Bumpers Stylus Slot Integ r ated Pistol-Gr i p Handle with Rub ber Gr ip Batter y Door Scan Engine Windo w Step 1: Install the Main Battery Pack ! Use only the Li-ion battery packs provided by Hand Held Products. The use of any battery pack not sold/manufactured by Hand Held Products in a Dolphin terminal will void your warranty and may result in da

HandHeld Entertainment Document Reader 4800dr

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For localized language versions of this document, go to Assembling the 4800dr Place arm on tray. Use the 3 screws provided to attach the arm to the underside of the tray. 1 Place the imager in the stand. Press the cable firmly into the wire run along the back of the arm. (You must use the USB cable that's supplied with the 4800dr or a compatible 5 volt powered cable.) 2 Imager Mounting Details If you are planning to mount the imager in a fixed position, the following diagram shows the m