Ingenico I7910

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• Plug the power adapter into the wall outlet and into the power connector at the back of i7910 terminal. Use the power adapter supplied with i7910. Many adapters can appear similar and will plug into i7910 but will not work properly causing erratic behavior, poor charging or damage to the unit. The i7910 with a fully charged battery can perform up to 200 transactions ( depending of the ticket size, transaction duration, time between transactions and backlight usage). The battery status is updat

Ingenico 8550

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Ingenico 8550 features a new ergonomic and versatile design with a user-friendly interface: • Easy loading printer; • Large color-touch graphic display; • Wide range of wireless communication solutions (GSM data-GPRS); • Voice telephony; • Text to speech; • Integrated imager. Environmental protection is also a priority for Ingenico: • Lighter packaging; • Use of non-toxic products; • Recyclable plastic. Please read this manual carefully. It will help you understand and make the most of your term