Jet Tools SS-8N

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DON'T FORCE THE MACHINE. It will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was designed. 8. USE THE RIGHT MACHINE. Don't force a machine or attachment to do a job for which it was not designed. 9. WEAR PROPER APPAREL. Do not wear loose clothing, gloves, neckties, rings, bracelets, or other jewelrywhichmaygetcaughtinmovingparts. Non-slipfootwearisrecommended. Wearprotective hair covering to contain long hair. 10. ALWAYS USE SAFETY GLASSES. Also use face or dust masks if the cutting ope

Jet Tools SS-12N

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This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you have other rights, which vary, from state to state. JET Equipment &Tools. P.O. Box 1349, Auburn, WA 98071-1349 . (253) 351-6000 2 Lt WARNING For your own safety, read the owner's manual before operating the shears. This shear is designed and intended for use by properly trained and experienced personnel only. If you are not familiar with the proper and safe operation of a shear, do not use until proper training and knowledge has been obtaine

Jet Tools SC-1630, SC-2436

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Jet Tools PM2800

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POWERMATIC PM2800 18” Variable Speed Drill Press The POWERMATIC 18" Drill Press has been designed from the ground up to exceed the norm in modern drill presses. Everything from our shadow- busting dual LED work lights to the dual laser guide system, one-handle variable speed, expandable work table and class-leading horsepower make the POWERMATIC PM2800 18" Drill Press exceptionally capable and user friendly. The extensive use of high-end iron castings and heavy-duty steel components make the POW

Jet Tools PH-24T

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A tab is welded to the top tube if you choose to use a hoist to set up the machine. 2. Determine the most suitable location for your planishing hammer based on the planned usage of the machine. Larger workpieces require a larger space around the planishing hammer. 3. Mount any loose items to the frame, such as the die trays, using the photo on page 7 and the breakdown on page 10 as guides. 4. Lower the foot pads to contact the floor, using the handwheel. 5. Secure the planishing hammer to th

Jet Tools PDS-12CS

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All adjustments or repairs must be done with the sander disconnected from the power source, unplugged. Failure to comply may result in serious injury! The PDS-12CS disc sander is rated 115V/230V, Prewired 115V. If you want to run the PDS-12CS on 230V refer to the wiring diagram found on the inside of the switch box cover (I, Fig. 8). Before hooking up to the power source, make sure that the switch is in the off position. 11 Emptying the Collector Bag Optional Accessories .. CAUTION Wearing a par

Jet Tools OES-80CS

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The oscillating movement of the belt is by design. Observe the belt's range of movement from its highest to lowest position. The edges of the belt should not have a tendency to move above or below the edges of the rollers. If adjustment is still necessary: 3. Insert the round shaft of the belt tracking tool (provided) into the micro adjust lock nut (A) and turn away from you to loosen. 4. Turn the micro adjusting screw (B) in 1/4 turn increments until the belt tracks evenly on the rollers when r

Jet Tools M-708640

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BOX 1349 Auburn, WA 98071-1349 Ph: 1-800-274-6848 ■ Fax: 1-800-274-6840 E-mail: [email protected] M-708640 2/03 Copyright © WMH Tool Group This manual has been prepared for the owner and operators of JET’S DC-650A. Its purpose, aside from machine operation, is to promote safety through the use of accepted correct operating and maintenance procedures. Completely read the safety and maintenance instructions before operating or servicing the machine. To obtain maximum life and efficiency from

Jet Tools M-708620

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9 Parts List...............................................................................................................................................10 FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY 1. Read and understand instruction manual before installing or operating air cleaner. 2. To reduce the risk of injury disconnect the air cleaner from the power source (unplug) before servicing or changing filters. 3. If ceiling mounted, bottom of air cleaner must be at least 7 feet above the floor. 4. If ceiling mo

Jet Tools M-708448

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6. Tension belt by pushing handle to the right. 7. Reinstall the belt guards Note: Belts stretch with wear. You may have to adjust tracking with a new belt. Belt Tracking Adjustment 1. Disconnect the machine from the power source. 2. Push the belt by hand in the direction indicated on the belt cover. Observe the belt position on the rollers. Edge of belt should remain even with the edge of the rollers. 11 3. Insert the driver with the round shaft, supplied with the machine into the micro adjusti