Lenmar Enterprises OmniSource BCUNI

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The model BCLSM charger will charge virtually all 3.6 to 7.4Volt Li-Ion batteries,as well as, one or two AA or AAA size NiMH / NiCd type rechargeable batteries. It's unique and patented contact system allows for this one charger to connect to and charge virtually any shape battery regardless of the type of contacts or their location on the battery without the need for any additional adapter plates. Extremely compact and light weight, this is the ultimate charger for travel. This charger will ope

Lenmar Enterprises OmniSource BCR336

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Place the magnetic temperature sensor on top of the battery being charged. Special Instructions For Charging Sharp BT-30N Or Lenmar SBT30 Type Battery: As shown in diagram 1, open the hinged jaw on the charger to unlock the moveable contacts and move contact “A” as far to the right as it will go. Position contact “B” so that it is 3/8 inches left from the tip of “A”. Close and lock the hinged jaw. Slide Guide “C” out so that it hangs over the end of the charger by . inch. As shown in diagram 2,

Lenmar Enterprises OmniSource BCR-467

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With it you can charge AA, AAA and virtually all 4.8, 6, 7.2, 9.6 or 10 Volt camcorder batteries. This charger is compatible with Nickel Cadmium, Lead Acid, Lithium-Ion, Nickel-Metal Hydride, and NoMEM® batteries. The BCR467 will operate as an AC/DC Battery Charger and Reconditioner. The OmniSource 467 will operate from a standard household AC outlet, or on the road from a 12 Volt cigarette lighter socket. It is a complete, convenient system to refresh, condition, and charge almost any of your r

Lenmar Enterprises NVD75

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Read these instructions carefully to safely use your N-Verter. Lenmar’s N-Verter is an electronic device that converts low voltage DC (direct current) electricity from a battery to 110/120VAC (alternating current) standard household power.The AC output of this product is a modified sine wave with a voltage of 110/120 volts. With your Lenmar N-Verter you can power your laptops, computerized games, cell phones, camcorders, power tools, reading lamps, fans, and more. Important: Before using your N-

Lenmar Enterprises MSC815

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Further, the Mach! Lightning can charge two of Lenmar's PROH cells in as little as 8 minutes or four PROH or high quality standard NiMH cells in as little as 15 minutes. The Mach 1 Lightning SpeedCharger features microprocessor controlled NeoTherm®2 Active Pulse Speedcharging to charge your battery quickly and safely. This charger will charge one to four batteries at a time, each with a dedicated LED indicator to show the charge status of that individual cell. Flexible power input allows you t

Lenmar Enterprises MSC1U

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This unit is a “Fusion" of all of Lenmar’s Mach 1 chargers, giving you one charger which is compatible with 3.6 / 3.7 & 7.2 / 7.4 Volt Lithium-Ion batteries, 3.6 and 6 Volt NiMH batteries and AA / AAA size NiMH cells for camcorders and digital cameras from Sony, Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Hitachi, RCA, Nikon, Kodak, Fuji and other manufacturers. Where you used to need 3 or more different chargers, the Fusion does it all. In addition to the adapter plates included, you can also purchase additional ad

Lenmar Enterprises Mach 1+ SpeedCharger 7.4 Volt

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After t hat tfcne. an tiro»* Indication infll appear on the LED^shovm by the MED and MAXLHTk canning on together whla the HI LE Dis off (m dag-fi). ERROR f conûitionL HI The Error Gxvfttan wfll also be hdlcated If the charger senses any problem with the battery being charged To reset the error condition unpkjg the chaiger from the power adapter for a law saennefc, then reconnect ft to the power adaptar. If tha &iof dcoh a(pbvthem may ba a delta In the battery that wfll prevent sriefy charj^n

Lenmar Enterprises Mach 1+ SpeedCharger 7.2 Volt

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There are3 phases to tha dwga cycle. The battery may ba removed difhg any of tha с hug big phases without ham) to the battery or charger unit a I - Iddd Creaget Al 3 LED"* fahlng In sequaiKa from MED (Irft) to MAX [right) 0 dbg.-2). If the battery b tow, thh wll be the frst charge phase. WKh high capedty batterietthb phtne can sometfcna be the longest of the 3 phases. Sin I art* arfth tame bn ehtog thn md o/thrfr ll^thta phu» can ba wry «horr. LED's SCOLIE^TIAL I SEQUENTIAL SCOUEKTUkl PHASE I

Lenmar Enterprises Mach 1+ SpeedCharger 3.7 Volt

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NBochu Kodak, FH4I and other maniAclurefv to addition tn tha adapter pbtas Irududad^yoii can alio ptachesa addftJonal adapter pines for other LHon battery models. Tin Mach 1 Speed Charger fwum microprocessor controlled Neotherm* acrim puke speedchaighg to charge your battery appraxfrnately three times fester than other chargers. Nat only wfll ft charge the bettvy safely md ralafaly It »HI prolongs battery FVW. Chargkig process, MAX charge and error condHbni are >1 provided tv the LB) Indicat

Lenmar Enterprises Mach 1+ SpeedCharger 3.6 Volt

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Do not teev»b»wwy connected to caw oorder or camera when not to use, • Do not leave tha battery со meaed to tha с heiger fe» pm longed perioto. Hemova the benry after charge b complete. « Do not us^plwe or store the charge* where It may come Into contad with aaterormoboae. « Always rapteoafajed or Amagad wTre and bn ton plugs hnnadMy - Use tNschargerwlth the power adapten hduded In the package on^. • Mi nnl narenarf лг rarrrrmanrtsl tn rlhrharpa all lïïn prlnrtn rhirpa • Ho lee* serviceabl