Matsushita MPE-33R

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Please read and understand these instructions before beginning your installation. Do not alter or modify this fireplace or its components under any circum- stances. Any modification or alteration of the fireplace system, including but not limited to the fireplace and accessories, may void the warranty, listings and approvals of this system and could result in an unsafe and potentially dangerous installation. IMPORTANT! IF OPTIONAL GLASS DOORS ARE PURCHASED, TO ASSURE PROPER ALIGNMENT, INSTALL TH

Matsushita LSM40-2

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Step 2 Adjust the L-bracket to the height needed for this installation (slot allows up to 1 inch vertical adjustment). When you are satisfi ed that the screen will stand stable in front of the fi replace, then tighten the nuts on both sides. 750,184M REV. B 05/2006 LENNOX HEARTH PRODUCTS KITS AND ACCESSORIES Figure 1 Kit Contents: Tools Required: 1 Ea. Screen Assembly 2 Ea. Bottom Legs 2 Ea. Long Screws 2 Ea. Short Screws 2 Ea. Long Spacers 7/32” Allen Wrench 7/16” Nut Driver H5051 DASK-LSM40-2