Montgomery Ward TMO-39084A

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Dirt, leaves and other debris must not be left to accumulate around the cooling fins or the engine or on any part of the tiller. Clean the underside of the tine shield after each use. The dirt washes off the tines easier if washed off immediately instead of after it dries. SPARK PLUG The spark plug should be cleaned and the gap reset every 25 hours of engine operation. Spark plug replacement is recommended at the start of each tiller season; check engine manual for correct plug type and gap sp

Montgomery Ward TMO-39083A

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Adjustments........... ..3 Lubrication....... ..4 Maintenance..... .. 8 Off-Season Storage ..9 Illustrated Parts ... ..9 Parts List......... . 10 Parts Information .. Instructions given with this symbol are for personal safety. Be sure to follow them. NOTICE: A data plate with the model number and serial numbers of your unit is located on the tine shield. Record these numbers in the spaces provided on the back cover of this guide. BEFORE YOU CALL SERVICE Check Spark Plug Wire • Firmly