Nautique V-Drive

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The speedometer is calibrated at the factory however, significant variations can occur due to changes in installations. The speedometer can be easily calibrated to a known reference such as a radar gun, measured course, or GPS. When the unit is in digital speed display mode, push and release M to put the speedometer in the calibration mode. Push and hold M down for at least two seconds, the LCD will show “AdJUST.” Calibration Display CORC117 Run the boat at a constant 30 MPH as measured by the G


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Get into the habit of performing these checks in the same order each time so that it becomes routine. • Make sure to check all safety items. • Check that drain plug is properly installed. • Check condition of propeller. • Check that all batteries are fully charged and at the proper level. 6-4 Correct Craft, Inc. Nautique Sport Sec 6.qxd 11/19/04 4:08 PM Page 6-5 Getting Underway • Verify the amount of fuel in the fuel tanks. • Be sure the lights, horn, bilge pumps and other electrical equipment


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The tachometer and speedometer each have three pushbuttons, which allow the different functions of each instrument to be activated. M Mode Button Down Up Button Button CORC113 Sport 4-15 Nautique Sport Sec 4.qxd 11/19/04 4:02 PM Page 16 Section 4 Refer to Standard Dash Pod in this section for additional information on gauge operation. Speedometer / Depth Sounder The Serial Bus Speedometer / Depth Sounder provides both the functions of a speedometer and a depth sounder. The analog speedometer loo


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Follow these procedures only when conditions are such that you can drive the boat safely. ! WARNING CAUTION Do not attempt to break in an engine by letting it idle at the dock. Propeller Selection The maximum rpm of the engine at full throttle under normal load conditions can be controlled by propeller pitch, diameter and design. It is essential the propeller does not underload or overload the engine. Propeller Overloading, results in low rpms at wide open throttle will give poor performance, po

Nautique Open Bow 200

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Always remember that the majority of water skiing injuries are the result of impacts with other objects. Always look where you are going and be aware of what is going on around you. Teak/Drag Surfing READ, UNDERSTAND and be FAMILIAR with the information contained on warning labels and adhere to the boat operation practices described on them. The United States Coast Guard issued a SAFETY ALERT on August 28, 2001 that covers some of the issues of improper use of the boarding platform. The SAFETY A

Nautique Crossover 90490

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Bow Features of Your Nautique The open bow section of your boat has removable cushions. The center section may be equipped with an optional cushion which can be removed and stored in the trunk or under the observer’s seat. The cushion on the starboard side of the bow section can be removed to access the insulated cooler. Storage can be accessed by removing the other cushions. 4-36 Controls and Indicators Driver’s Seat Adjustment The driver’s seat can be adjusted fore and aft and rotates side-to

Nautique aire crossover

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Most accidents can be avoided if the operator is completely familiar with the boat, its operation and can recognize potentially hazardous situations. In addition to everyday safety, failure to observe the safety recommendations may result in severe personal injury or death to you or to others. Use caution and common sense when operating your boat. Do not take unnecessary chances! Remember that at least three people are needed for safely towing watersport participants. Failure to adhere to these

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Safety labels must be legible. If you suspect a label is missing or one becomes damaged, contact your Nautique dealer for immediate replacement. Tow Pylon Engine Inside Box and on Fuel Tank Water Strainer Fuel Fill Throttle Control Transom Warning Cross Member/Boarding Platform Engine CORC010 CORC092 WARNING! BEFORE OPERATING ENGINE, INSPECT FOR LEAKAGE If leakage is present, do not operate engine! CORC006 CORC008 CORC091 CORC216 CORC007 CORC004 Boating Safety Naut Air Sec 1_2008.qxd:Naut Air Se

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Horn The horn button is a momentary switch. The horn will operate whenever the button is pressed and will stop when the button is released. 4-15 Section 4 12 Volt Port This receptacle can be used to power and charge cellular phones, MP3 players, video cameras or other electronics. These receptacles are powered through a 10 amp breaker. Ignition and Switch Panel NOTICECORC137 START12V Some of the switches on your boat may not have a function, based CAUTION The keypad and switch control box will b

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Propellers Your Nautique boat is equipped with a propeller best matched to its engine and boat combination. If you feel you are experiencing poor performance, contact your Nautique dealer. Care and selection of your propeller is very important to proper boat operation. 7-7 V-Drive Sec 7_2010.qxp:Naut Air Sec 7.qxd 7/22/09 1:49 PM Page 7-8 Section 7 NOTES 7-8 V-Drive Sec 8_2010.qxp:Naut Air Sec 8.qxd 7/22/09 1:47 PM Page 8-1 Section 8 Care and Maintenance This section describes how to care and ma