Performance Teknique CY-PAD1003U

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Never take measures especially those other than indicated by italic letters in “Possible solution” Warning . Do not use the unit in abnormal condition, for example, without sound, or with smoke or foul smell, which can cause ignition or electric shock. Immediately stop using the unit and consult your dealer. . Never try to repair the unit by yourself because it is dangerous to do so. There is an electromagnetic-wave generator such as a cellular phone near the unit or its electrical lines. .. Kee

Performance Teknique CY-PA4003U

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. Use only the supplied Fan are missing please for advice. CY-PA4003U/CY-PA4003U/ 22 23 Air hole 24 English CY-PA4003U/PA2003U/PAD1003U 25 English CY-PA4003U/PA2003U/PAD1003U Wiring Caution . This unit is designed for use in a car having a 12 V negative ground battery system. . Be sure to insulate any exposed wires to prevent short circuiting with the car chassis. Bundle all cables, and prevent cable terminals from touching any metal parts. . Note that if your car has a driving computer or a nav

Performance Teknique CY-PA2003U

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Please read these instructions (including this product and keep this manual . Priere de lire attentivement ) avant d’utiliser ce produit . Lea con atencion estas Safety Information Read the operating instructions for the unit and all other Caution components of your car audio system carefully before using the system. They contain instructions about Observe the following cautions when using this how to use the system in a safe and effective manner. English English Panasonic assumes no responsibil