Precisionaire WORKCENTRE PE120I

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The active oxygen constantly rejuvenates the zeolite filter, ensuring long lasting superior performance. Always • Smart air control measures and controls air quality • Boost-power cleans quickly at high speed Fresh air • 6-stage Clean air system for clean and fresh air • 3-stage Electro-clean system charges and traps all particles • Active oxygen sterilizes pollutants and rejuvenuates filter • 2-stage Fresh air system removes gases and odours PHILIPS sense and simplicity Bedroom air p

Precisionaire Washable Metal Filters KKM

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The KKM offers large filtering area, high dust holding capacity, uniform loading and low resistance to air flow. The KKM filter has a rugged galvanized steel frame that encloses the bonded expanded aluminum mesh media. The corners are mitered and the frame is secured with pop rivet(s). The KKM has drain holes in three corners. The bonded aluminum media is slit and expanded to several different size openings. This design allows contaminants to be trapped throughout the entire filter depth and n

Precisionaire Vapor Phase Air Filter PB1209

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The adsorbers provide high efficiency removal of multiple contaminants for applications within museums, archive storage facilities, airports and semiconductor fabrication facilities. Technical Description The carbon media is manufactured with a dry processed carbon composite of ultrafine 30 x 50 mesh activated carbon with a minimum carbon tetrachloride activity of 90% per ASTM D-3467. The high efficiency carbon granules are thermally bonded to polyester nonwoven bicomponent fibers. The pleated

Precisionaire Synthetic Media Bag Filters ASHRAE Series

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Precisionaire SwissAire R-1 Media SAR-1 Media

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This product is ideal in crossdraft and downdraft booths where air velocity is a concern. The filter media is made from a blend of polyester fibers coated with an ecologically sound tackifier, and a scrim layer on the downstream side for added strength and rigidity. The polyester fibers are fused together through a special low-melt production line. SAR-1 is made without the use of PVC or other unfavorable chemicals. In a heated environment, it’s these chemicals, and/or the tackifier and scrim wh

Precisionaire SwissAire Bag PB1104

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Pockets are also fully welded instead of stitched. That means less chance of pin-hole leaks and very high blow-out strength. Headers on SwissAire bag filters are all 16 gauge galvanized steel, not plastic that can crack or warp. SwissAire synthetic, self supporting bag filters are designed for use in most commercial or industrial HVAC systems where medium to high efficiency filtration is required. SwissAire Filters are available in minimum efficiency levels of 50%, 60% and 90% per ASHRAE Standar

Precisionaire Super Flow PB1410

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The Super-Flow®24 can be incorporated into systems with air velocities of 600 fpm and a pressure drop of 1.0-inch w.g. Product Design The Super-Flow®24 filters are manufactured with wet laid microfine fiberglass media. The media is formed into a minipleat utilizing a hot melt separator and arranged in a V-bed configuration. There are twelve individual minipleat packs sealed on all four sides to the frame with two-component polyurethane. The frame is constructed of 20 ga. galvaneal, aluminum or s

Precisionaire Series 425T Cube

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This polyester media is treated on the inside with a special tackifier to help hold the paint particles to the mediia as they Paint in grams Pressure Drop “w.g. Pressure Drop “w.g. 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 enter the filter. The second media layer is a tightly needled 0.0 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 1/4” 6 denier polyester media. This layer prevents the fine Air Velocity (FPM) particles from exiting the filter. Pressure Drop 0.5 Cube filters have a distinct advantage over flat pads (more surface area). An in

Precisionaire Series 225T Cube

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Precisionaire Semi Rigid Figh Dust Holding C apacity Extended Surface Bag Filter Pak XDH

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Operating face velocities up to 625 fpm are available for all models. Ideal for VAV Precision Pak XDH filters in depths up to 22” aresemi- rigid and thus ideally suited for variable air volume systems. Precision Pak XDH filters are UL 900 Class 2 listed. Dual Phase Media Precision Pak XDH bag filters use dual phase polyolefin synthetic media. The media is thermally bonded without binders and consists of nonwoven continuous hydrophobic (water repellent) fibers that resist water and most chemicals