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SET UP VCR ..... REPEAT PLAY : OFF BEEPER ON SELECT SET END A ▼ KEY ► KEY MENU KEY When REPEAT PLAY : ON is selected, (the REPEAT indicator lights on the front panel), the Combination VCR will playback the tape to its end, or until a blank portion of 30 seconds or more is reached. (Erased portions of tape are not considered blank.) The tape is then automatically rewound and played again. This operation is repeated until you cancel Repeat Play. All function buttons (REW, FF, etc.) are op

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• Set POWER button to ON. Monitor Correction No picture or sound... Poor picture with normal sound... Poor sound with normal picture... Poor TV reception... No color or poor color... Ghost (multiple) images... TV programs cannot be watched... Channel cannot be selected... • Make sure your antenna system (TV or CABLE), is correctly set. (P. 8) • Completely insert Power Plug into an AC outlet. • Set POWER button to ON. • Adjust BRIGHTNESS, SHARPNESS, and PICTURE controls in the SET UP TV menu. (

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Be sure a cassette with record tab is loaded and the unit is in Stop mode. • If the start times of two programs overlap, the lower numbered program will have priority. • If the start time for a Timer Recording comes up during a normal recording or One Touch Recording (page 12), the Timer Recording will not be performed. • If there is a power interruption of more than one minute, the recording may not be performed or continued. • If “INCOMPLETE” appears after all items have been set, check a

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In the same manner, select and set the date, year, time, and DST. (Daylight Saving Time) SET CLOCK 4 / 5/2003 SAT 12:00PM DST: ON SET completed"......... SET :< ► START : ACT I ON When moving unit to a new location, or if a mistake was made in the Initial Setup section. • Make sure a tape is not inserted in the unit. seconds. • The power will shut off. • Please ignore “NO CASSETTE” warning. 3 Do “Initial Setup” on page 8. 3 Press ACTION twice to start CLO

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TITULOS . PREFIJADO - Asigne los numeros de canal para los titulos/siglas prefijados. . MANUAL Introdusca los numeros de los canales y sus titulos/siglas manualmente. . PONGA TITULO (SIGLAS) - Ponga titulo a las entradas de video desplegadas en pantalla y conexiones opcionales de equipo. BLOQUEO MODO . Active el bloqueo en Todos, Canales o Juego con un codigo secreto. Nota: Para mas informacion acerca de programas vea el manual V-CHIP Guia de los Padres incluido en el paquete de la television. T

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No user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. A The lightning flash with arrow The exclamation point within a head within a triangle is triangle is intended to tell the intended to tell the user that user that important operating parts inside the product are a and servicing instructions are in risk of electric shock to persons. the papers with the appliance. WARNING: To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. 2 C

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Be cautious when selecting ALWAYS. If ALWAYS is selected, and you forget your secret code, the TV must be serviced by a qualified technician in order to clear the LOCK setup. 13 Troubleshooting Chart Troubleshooting Chart Before calling for service, determine the symptoms and follow suggested solutions. !Audio. <1 Noisy Audio Video 1* 'x Snowy Video Solutions. Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Noisy Audio Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Check Antenna Lead-in Wire

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Then enter a 3 digit code with the Remote Control Keypad. “SET should be highlighted after entering the last digit. IMPORTANT NOTE: Use a code you can easily remember or write the code on a piece of paper. 6. Press ^ after entering three digit code. “Game Guard Locked” will display On Screen. Unlock Game Guard To unlock the Game Guard feature, repeat steps 1 through 3. Enter the same 3 digit code previously used in step 5 with Remote Control Keypad. . V V ■■■ I;';'* : CI/oX LOCKACTIVATED

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NO ABRIR. ADVERTENCIA: A fin de reducir el riesgo de sacudidas electricas, no deberan quitarse ni la cubierta ni la tapa posterior. No hay en el interior pieza alguna que el usuario tenga que reparar. Todo servicio habra de brindarlo personal de reparacion capacitado. El proposito del relampago con punta de El proposito del signo de exclamacion dentro flecha dentro de un triangulo es el de de un triangulo es el de advertir al usuario de advertir al usuario de que existen piezas que los documento

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Press the RECALL button for on screen PIP and Main Picture source status. TERMINALS ON BACK OF TV (may vary) VCR H=---M 8 Main Menu Feature Chart Main Menu Feature Chart Menu Description xjksj/ SETUP SET TIME When entered, TIME will display on screen after pressing POWER button, RECALL button, or changing channels. ANT Choose CABLE or TV to match the signal at your antenna input. AUTO PROG Automatically program channels with a signal into memory. MANUAL PROG Manually add or delete ch