Redring Selectronic Mixer Shower TMV3

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Sleek design with a patented ‘through the ceiling’ connection -for one of the quickest installation times on the market. • No fuss No problems No wasted time selectronic mixer shower 2 8 84 4-eompiete:Layout i 21///U8 и/:Ъ3 Page 2 Adjustable З function Traditional, Pulsator and Aerator Showerhead for pressures 0.2 - l bar. Pulsator Single function showerhead for pressures 0.1 - 7 bar especially gravity fed sites. Rub clean. The Product The Redring Selectronic Mixer Shower features a u

Redring LP330

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SHOULD YOU MOVE HOUSE, PLEASE HAND THEM OVER TO THE NEXT OCCUPIER. 1. Introduction The Halogen Boiler is a wall-mounted appliance, suitable for installation onto small sealed heating systems. It incorporates all the components for sealed system requirements, these include, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, expansion vessel, circulating pump and manual reset overheat thermostat. A manual air vent is also located on the appliance. There are two controls on the appliance, one adjusts the water

Redring L318

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The 24 hour plug in timer provided can be used to provide this function. The operation pressure will rise and fall in line with temperature increase and decrease of the heating system water temperature. This is normal operation. However should the pressure fall below that set on the pressure gauge (0.5 bar) this is an indication there is either a leak in the heating system or the expansion vessel is too small for the heating system volume. You should consult your Service Engineer in order to cor

Redring Expressions 520M/520TS

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Thank you for choosing a quality 'Redring' product manufactured in Peterborough, England. CONTENTS Page Information for the user Important Safety Instructions 2 How to use your 'Redring' power shower 2 How to maintain your 'Redring' power shower 4 What to do if things go wrong 4 Additional accessories 10 Information for the installer Fixing the shower to the wall 5 Plumbing 6 Electrical 9 Guarantee 12 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. The Redring Expressions Power Shower is designed to boost the

Redring 620

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Check tightness of electrical connections. c) Water leaks from burst pressure relief valve Check for cause of high pressure and remove it. i.e. Blockage on outlet or blocked spray plate. Replace the pressure relief disc. d) Water does not flow when Knob “A” is rotated (when button “C” is pressed - 620 only) Check the circuit through the solenoid coil. Check circuit through mini microswitch (push switch – 620 only) Possible timer PCB fault (620 only). If defective, then replace. Power supply not

Redring 600

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6 How to maintain your shower …………… 10 Guarantee …………… 12 How to use your shower 1. Ensure the electricity and water are turned on to the unit 2. Function of controls : - KNOB “A” – Power selector. (On/off 600 only) KNOB “B” – Adjusts the flow / temperature of the water BUTTON “C”– Starts and ‘Shuts down’ the shower and cools the water automatically for (620 only) the next shower. 3. Turning the unit on Model 600 – Rotate knob “A” clockwise a . turn (one click) this will select full power, the n