Sea Eagle s SE-9

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A Sea Eagle is capable of carrying an incredible amount of gear, making it very practical to get to a truly secluded campsite. You can car-top your boat or carry it deflated in a car trunk. When you finally get to the campsite of your choice, you can motor for hours around nearby lakes, bays or bayous, etc. And, if it hap pens to be a large lake or bay you'll appreciate your Sea Eagle's ability to get to difficult places. River Running: With a Sea Eagle Fishing Boat you can safely run up to clas

Sea Eagle s SE-8

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Inflate both chambers in the inflatable floor fully. If the inflatable floor is not fully inflated the floorboards will have a small gap on either side. Inflate chambers 1 & 3 to 60-75% of maximum pressure. You should be able to push 4 to 5 inches into the hull. 2. Place floorboards inside the boat. The boards will overlap when laid flat over the floor. Lift both boards and place them in the aluminum H-bar connector. The boards should be in an inverted V. 3. Push down on the center of the invert

Sea Eagle s SE-6

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We think that you should get many years of use and pleasure out of this boat. We have been selling inflatable boats for over 30 years, and your boat is the beneficiary of this experience. It is rugged, safe and secure, and will serve you well. Packing list If you have ordered your boat directly from SeaEagle.com, your packing list will be included with your order. Please verify everything is correct and contact us right away at 1-800-852-0925 if you have any questions. Our office is open 9-5 Mon

Sea Eagle s 375FC

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Each of theseends on the aluminum slats have 1 big 1 1/2" hole & 4 1/8” holes surrounding the big hole as shown below. Use four 3/4” screws to attach each flush mount adapterto the aluminum slat with a phillips head screw driver. Please note, the adapters can stay attached to the slats and never need to be disassembled. Now place the rod holders in the adapters as shown. For disassembly, you only need to detach the rod holders from the flush mount adapters. On the 325fc, install the rod holders

Sea Eagle s 325FC

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Before proceeding withassembly and inflation, please check to see that you haveall necessary parts: Sea Eagle FoldCat 325fc Deluxe Package includes: -325fc FoldCat inflatable hull -catamaran carry bag -repair kit* (small orange canister) -2 raised oarlock bases with oarlock pins & hardware -2 collapsable rowing oars -3 aluminum floorboard slats -4 aluminum stabilizer underbars -front aluminum step rod -wooden motormount with 2 L-brackets & hardware -1 quick release swivel seat mount with hardwar