Steam VPX3

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Ask your dealer or customer service representative for more information. *Convection steamer mounted on 28" high base cabinet with stainless steel front full height doors, stainless steel side and aluminized steel rear panel. Adjustable legs with flanged feet for floor anchoring. **42" Models only: 6-gallon Kettle mounted on the left with stainless steel liner and dual temperature faucet (optional kettle on the right). ***MHB less compartment. 866-988-5226 StEAM StEAM Gas Boiler Base steaMers Hi

Steam VPX

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Ship Wt. 12" x 20" x 2 ." (kW) lbs kg VPX3 3 9/6 140 64 VPX5 5 15/10 170 78 Freight Classification: 85 NOTE: Shipped with 208/60/3 or 240/60/3 electrical service. Can be field converted to 208/60/1 and 240/60/1. options & aCCessories For Counter ConveCtion steaMers Option Available On 480 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase VPX3 and VPX5 Accessory Accessory Code Stand 24" wide x 28" high STAND 28XSGL Stand 24" wide x 34" high STAND 34XSGL Extra pair of universal pan slides for stand S/PAN SLIDES Set of four caste