Steren FAST HOME 550-020

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(H) x 1. (D) R Manufactured by: Steren Electronics International, LLC 8675 Miralani Drive, San Diego, CA 92126 1-800-266-3333 550-020Manual.qxd 7/6/04 3:32 PM Page 2 FastHome™ 550-020 Telephone Hub Module Installation Guide Introduction 123456 550-020 Telephone Master Hub RJ3IX4 3 2 1 TMFROMTELCOM WARNING! About Steren Electronics Based in San Diego, Steren has been a leading component manufacturer for nearly 50 years. With more than 2,000 items in our catalog, we supply interconnect products an

Steren 550-040

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• Use caution when handling this module. Be careful not to drop the module because this could affect the performance and/or damage the module. • Take extra precautions when working with cables, wires and tools. Do not install cables and wires that appear to be damaged. Avoid kinking cables and wires during installation. • Be careful when using tools that might touch exposed wires or live electrical contacts. • To prevent electric shock: 1) do not touch uninsulated wires and terminals that may st