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Инструкция по эксплуатации Stiga, модель SILEX 75-G

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Hard and dry soil requires an extra run, at right angles to the first. WARNING! Never overload a new machine. Drive carefully for the first 5 hours. 6 STORAGE Store the rotary cultivator in a dry place. Also see section “Safety instructions”. After draining the petrol, start the engine and allow it to run until it runs out of petrol. 7 MAINTENANCE WARNING!Repairs must be carried out by the dealer. Otherwise the guarantee becomes invalid. WARNING!Before carrying out repairs and maintenance, the spark plug connection must be disconnected. 7.1 Periodic maintenance Before each operation • Check for fuel leaks. • Check that all screws are tightened. After each operation • Clean the rotary cultivator. • Check for fuel leaks. Every 25 operating hours and every 3 months • Check, clean or replace the air filter. • Check that all screws and nuts are tightened. 7.2 Air filter The air filter is shown according to the table below: Machine Figure:Position 75-G 2:B 75R-B 9:B 75R-H 3:B 75R-HX 4:B Do not use flammable liquids when cleaning. Serious engine damage can be caused if the machine is operated with a defective or blocked filter. The paper filter must never be cleaning with liquid. The machine is equipped with a pre-filter (foam rubber) and a main filter (paper). Clean/replace the air filter every 3 months or every 25 operating hours. During operation in dry and dusty conditions, the air filter must be cleaned/replaced every day. Clean/replace the air filter as follows: 1. Undo the screws or locking tabs and the filterhousing. 2. Grasp the main filter (paper) and shake it a few times against a hard surface or blow clean with compressed air from the inside out. 3. Wash the pre-filter (foam rubber) in liquid detergent and water. Then carefully twist the filterout and allow to dry. 4. When the pre-filter is dry, reinstall the filter in reverse order. The filters must be replaced if very dirty or defective. 7.3 Spark plug The spark plug is shown according to the table below: Machine Figure:Position 75-G 2:A 75R-B 9:A 75R-H 3:A 75R-HX 4:A The sparkplug must be replaced in the following cases. • When the electrodes are burnt. • If the porcelain insulator indicates damage. • If the rotary cultivator is difficult to start. The electrode gap should be 0.7-0.8 mm. Use sparkplug Champion QC12YC or similar. ENGLISH GB ENGLISH GB 7.4 Changing the oil Change the oil the first time after 2 hours of operation, and subsequently every 25 hours of operation or at least once a season. Change oil when the engine is warm. The engine oil may be very hot if it is drained off directly after the engine is shut off. So allow the engine to cool a few minutes before draining the oil. 1. Lean the machine slightly so that the oil draining plug is the lowest point of the engine. 2. Unscrew the oil draining plug. See “4.10”. 3. Let the oil run out into a container. 4. Screw back the oil draining plug. 5. Fill with new oil: See “5.2”. 7.5 Side adjustment If the handle’s side adjustment (1:P) does not lock the handle satisfactorily it can be adjusted as follows: 1. Remove the handle’s support by carrying out the procedure in “3.2” reverse order. 2. Adjust the lock on the nut in fig. 7. Tightening secures the lock better. Slackening off makes the lock less secure. 3. Reinstall the handle according to the procedure in “3.3”. 7.6 Cleaning Never use high-pressure washing equipment when cleaning. This can cause water to penetrate between the seals and cause machine damage. First brush off all dirt. Then wipe down the rotary cultivator using a damp cloth. The underside canbe washed with water. 7.7 Fault-tracing Fault: Difficult to start Cause: The fuel is too old. Action: Drain the tank and fill with fresh petrol. Cause: Sparkplug fault. Action: Replace spark plug. Fault: Engine runs unevenly Cause: Contaminated fuel. Action: Clean the petrol tank and carburettor. Cause: Sparkplug fault. Action: Replace spark plug. Fault: Weak engine, does not run at full throttle Cause: Blocked air filter Corrective action: Clean or replace the air filter. Fault: Stops during operation Cause: No fuel. Action: Fill with petrol 8 SERVICE Authorised service stations carry out repairs and servicing. They always use genuine spare parts. Under no circumstances may parts other than genuine spare parts be used. This is a requirement stipulated by the Testing Authority. The machine is approved and tested with these parts. If the machine requires servicing, repair or maintenance that entails dismantling of the cover, this must be performed by an authorised service station. The manufacturer reserves the right to make alterations to the product without prior notification. 9 PURCHASE TERMS A full warranty is issued against manufacturing and material defects. The user must carefully follow the instructions given in the enclosed documentation. Warranty period According to relevant laws. Exceptions The warranty does not cover damage due to: -Neglect by users to acquaint themselves with a...

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